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Aluminium Processing - CNC machining centres - Modus

Standard configuration

  • Pneumatic rotation of the work table 0° to 90 to 180°
  • Servo-ventilated three-phase spindle motor 3kW Regulation of spindle rpm by numerical control - inverter (1000/12000 rpm)
  • 6 position tool magazine. (ISO 30)
  • No.4 pneumatic vices with manual positioning
  • LH and RH receding pneumatic stop
  • Microdrop lubrication with pure oil Chip bin
  • Guard with receding frontal door with pneumatic opening
  • Set up for fumes extraction
  • Electronic equipment ''Power E-Box''
  • Adjustable console with PC, Touch screen 15'' keyboard and mouse
  • Software licence for FOMCAM program
  • FOMCAM training course (FOM premises)
  • 3 axis CNC machining centre with rotating machine bed.
  • Full 3D graphic simulation
  • On Board 6 Position Automatic Tool Changer
  • 4 pneumatic profile clamps
  • Full safety enclosure with oversized access door
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