CPC, an acronym that stands for Consulenza Progettazione Costruzione (Consultancy, Design, Construction), was founded in in 1972 in Crespellano, Province of Bologna. The founders were Manfredo Vannini, Gianni Tosetti, Bruno Stagni and Germano Brighetti. In its early days, the company focused on designing and building custom machines to resolve customers' product handling problems. Its breakthrough product was the PAM 3L press (three-sided automated clamp), the first mass-produced CPC model. It was an extraordinary success and was used by the leading Italian furniture makers. The PAM 3L "father" was Franco Zini, a company technician who, following the death of Germano Brighetti, would become a CPC partner. This success was followed by that of the hydraulic-operated SAP 3L-Arm (three-sided narrow passage automated clamp).

CPC expanded by acquiring Pilcromat, a Pieve di Centro company, and transferring its headquarters to Cento, near Ferrara. In 1979 CPC moved back to the Bologna area, settling in Anzola Emilia. In the early 1970s the production of presses and of packaging machinery continued in similar numbers; but starting in 1979-1980, following the housing crisis which affected also the furniture industry, CPC focused more and more on packaging machines that used shrink film. Packaging was considered in those years to be a cross-sectoral industry which offered an opportunity to expand into other markets. A successful and popular product in this field was the company's SPL packaging machine, which offered the advantage of stand-alone film rolls, a solution that facilitated the use of rolls of different sizes.

The economic recovery, begun in the mid-1980s, allowed the production of woodworking machines to pick up again. Another CPC commercial success, introduced during that time, was the automated horizontal press (PAO), which was widely used by cabinet door producers, especially in the Triveneto area.

Since the mid-1980s CPC has developed machines for the packaging of furniture, doors, windows, parquet and all kinds of wood-related products, as well as machines for product assembly. Following its entry into the Delmac Group orbit in 2000, CPC was acquired in 2006 by the SCM Group and its production plant moved back to Crespellano. In recent years production focused on automated packaging systems using shrinkable polyethylene film, pre-cut cardboard sheets, stretchwrap polyethylene film and electro-mechanic clamps.