8 May 2017

minimax cu 300 Combination: Extreme Reliability in an Extreme Location

Macquarie Island was first discovered in 1810 and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the...

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1 May 2017

Solution MD – The Ever Evolving Stefani Edgebander

The Stefani Edgebander Solution MD now features new devices and options, developed with a focus on...

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13 April 2017

Finding the Perfect Employee

Running a company on your own is no easy feat. Running a successful company on your own and doubling your turnover in 12 months is an even bigger accomplishment...

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31 March 2017

The Strength with Pratix S

Since its introduction into the SCM range, the Pratix S Series has continually delivered high end solutions with a low end investment...

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29 March 2017

Mi Casa NV trusts in Routech Oikos 6-Axis perfection

Mi Casa NV visited the Routech facility in Sinalunga for the latest check-up on the 6-axis cnc Routech Oikos before installation.

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27 March 2017

Morbidelli Author M100 for Fully Wood

The brand-new Morbidelli Author M100 is the 4th generation of Scm CNC machining centres owned by Fully Wood, italian furniture manufacturer.

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27 March 2017

International Moebeltage Dresden

SCM Group leads the debate on the future of furniture production

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20 March 2017

SCM Group Australia Bank account details

As part of our continuous improvement, SCM Group Australia is moving to streamline payment...

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20 March 2017

Xcab – Nesting Software

It’s a clichéd statement, but there is no point putting road tyres on a Formula 1 car...

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13 March 2017

SCM Group at Möbeltage

Providing innovative answers to the challenges of the European furniture market.

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6 March 2017

When Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Where do you go if you have a cutting requirement so extreme that only a machinery supplier...

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27 February 2017

SCM Group is partner in the Onda Solare project

On display in the Rimini showroom is the Emilia 3 solar-powered car that beat a Tesla Model S.

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20 February 2017

How to Reach Up to 4.8m Without Taking a Step

Tigerstop is the world’s leading supplier of stop gauge and precise material positioning...

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15 February 2017

Scm Group at Ligna preview 2017

The countdown has begun for Ligna 2017, the largest international wood industry trade show, during which Scm Group will be presenting an impressive line-up of innovations.

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15 February 2017

How to stay competitive – Nesting with D’arcy Cabinets

In a competitive market, small companies find it hard to compete on jobs, both from a turnaround...

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13 February 2017

How Do You Get The Best Results For Your Business?

As an industry, we have all experienced significant changes over the last decade, from positive...

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6 February 2017

Are You Tired Of Chasing Customers?

Since its inception 10 years ago, DVS Kitchens has been growing at a steady pace.  Danny...

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30 January 2017

AuthoR-Evolution TEAM

Great projects come from great people! Here part of the AuthoR-Evolution Team that made the Open...

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24 January 2017

2017 Kicks Off With A Bang For SCM Group Australia

Managers from Australia, New Zealand China, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea joined with product...

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22 January 2017

New 3.8m Panel Saw Now Available

SCM Group’s SI400 Nova Panel Saw has been upgraded to include a 3.8m sliding...

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16 January 2017

Increasing Productivity With Kitchenwerx

When you’ve got 25 years of experience in the industry, it’s safe to say that you know...

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29 November 2016

Lean Manufacturing

Are you looking to add value to your workshop and increase your margins on every component you make?

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8 November 2016

Flexstore: Storage & Retrieval System

The new revolutionary range of SCM Flexstore stock and retrieval systems will change the way you see your entire production environment.

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7 November 2016

Ligna Tour With AIDT

Australian International Design Tours (AIDT) is pleased to announce an International Tour to...

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24 October 2016

A Division of Space

Starting as a shop fitting outfit in Adelaide, A Division of Space has evolved into the high end residential and commercial window and door fabricator it is today.

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29 September 2016

Morbidelli Author granted to the furniture design Institute, Italy

Scm Group is proud to grant a 5-axis Morbidelli Author m200 machining center to the furniture design Institute of Brugnera, Italy

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20 September 2016

Polyplastic visits the Scm Group HQ

Polyplastic, Netherlands, is the leading supplier of standardised and customised window systems for mobile homes and caravans.

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12 September 2016

The Latest Advances in Traditional Machines

AWISA 2016 was the perfect opportunity for all to get up close and personal with the very latest and greatest in the traditional machines market. Leading the pack was the SCM Group, with a number of new to market machines and accessories, perfect for the Australian manufacturing industry.

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7 September 2016

Great success for SCM Group at IWF 2016

IWF 2016 proved to be another great success for SCM Group with the focus on Lean Manufacturing solutions

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5 September 2016

Olimpic K360 - The Best Edgebander Available

Achieve versatility and high machining quality with the SCM Olimpic K360 – the new reference point in the market for entry level edgebanders, complete with a rounding unit.

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