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Pakowanie - Rozwiązania do pakowania w kartony - cut c 200

cut c 200 is the ideal solution for medium to large assembled and kit furniture companies with medium to high productivity requirements  for batches production or order by order (max flexibility). 
Thanks to the longitudinal cutting and creasing units and the cross unit, it is possible to have great flexibility of box formats while maintaining high productivity.
The operator can retrieve the desired box from the interface, either by reading a barcode, or by using the scanbox, which transmits the dimensions of the product to be packed to the machine by barcode reading in real time.
It is possible to choose between 3 types of carton feeding: single sheet or fanfold, with fanfolds side by side or with automatic selector up to 8 fanfolds (opt.).
With the selector, the machine automatically chooses the most suitable size from those available in the infeed to optimize cardboard consumption.


The machines are equipped with 7 cutting and creasing groups as standard. An optional configuration with 12 groups can be chosen to achieve up to 2 boxes side by side.
Longitudinal and cross perforation as standard.

High productivity, over 4 boxes/minute thanks to high feed rate and use of brushless motor with very fast positioning setup.

Production flexibility: allows the creation of customized cardboard boxes, different from each other in format and size (order by order) according to just in time principles.
Package size optimization: the packaging is wrapped to the product actual size, thus avoiding the use of expensive additional filling materials and related labor time.

Space optimization, this solution avoids the storage of dozens of different box formats and their handling, resulting in less labor.

Dane techniczne
    cut c 200
Max. usable carton width mm 2500
Productivity box/min 4
Productivity batch 1 box/day 500 - 1000
Productivity batches box/day 1000 - 1500
Cardboard feed speed m/min 45
Carton feed   fanfold / sheets
Longitudinal units no. 7 to 12
Creasing   Normal/perforated
Cardboard thickness mm 2 to 7
Minimum open box length produced mm 420
Case Studies
Qumei Furniture Group
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