Joinery machines

The SCM joinery machines are the products of continuing in-house development complementing the sum of the finest skills and know-how.

Minimax  Formula 

Scm specializes in designing and manufacturing woodworking machines and services for joineries and customized production shops working with melamine panels, solid wood and other plastic materials. All machines are configured to offer the best technological innovations, high performance and reliability.

Easy to install and easy to use, Scm products are distributed all over the world and in USA where you can rely on 2 offices, one in Duluth (Atlanta, GA) and one in Carson (Los Angeles, CA). Both offices have a big warehouse for the storage of the joinery machines, in this way SCM USA guarantees prompt delivery on many woodworking machines and fast support for woodwhop machines. 

SCM USA answer to the entire american territory with a wide range of joinery machines; special prices and discounts are available for US, find them in the dedicated PROMO area of this website.

The joiner is one of the oldest professions in the world, for centuries the wood masters have turned this fantastic material in artefacts that amazed people, functional furniture and other amazing creations. There still are craftdevicessmen and makers who continue this activity, renewing it and processing it to obtain better results and artifacts, with the help of woodworking machines, including SCM Classical machines that are distinguished by their excellent quality, precision and absolute security, allowing even less experienced hobbyists to obtain excellent results with no danger.
A joiner is one who works with woodworking machineries, builds and repairs wooden objects and structures; but not only this, is a true lover of all that is wooden made and has a talent and a natural propensity to hand work.

The SCM Classical machines also allow less skilled hands, to approach this art, thanks to the high degree of technology of its machines for wood makes up for any shortcomings, enabling the wood aspiring artisans to work fixed wooden structures such as stairs and door frames, cabinets, furniture like tables and wooden chairs.
A good joiner must have good hand-eye coordination, be familiar with math problems and a good knowledge of physics.
A successful joiner can see the full picture of the project he is preparing to run and for SCM woodworking machinery come to his aid with devices made especially for woodworking machinery; devices that allow to not having to perform the mathematical calculations necessary to make a precise angular cut on a circular saw (with our compex for example) or a template that can produce pieces that are exactly identical among them (on our lathe minimax t 124).

Other elements of a perfect joiner include:

  • Attention to detail, one of the most important part is to be able to measure and cut wood pieces to exact measurements, so our circular saw are calibrated with utmost care, to provide a unique precision in the machinery landscape for joiners. If a laddes has the wrong measure, this could threaten the success of an entire project.
  • Be able to solve problems. While it works will have to be able to recognize the problem and find a fast and effective solution. The high technology of our woodworking machineries is a considerable help to the quick resolution of these possible drawbacks and lets the woodworker concentrate on his creativity and projects.
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