The company was founded in 1946 producing in-house classic woodworking machines. Shortly after it expanded its line of products by importing special machines from Germany and acquiring, in the mid-1970s, Superall, which led to the creation of the Superfici (surfaces) Division and allowed it to provide customers with complete wood-coating systems and lines.

In 1995 it contacted Valtorta, a company founded in 1962 and which marketed in Italy a curtain coater for panels that could be used with the widest variety of paint-application machines, including roller-supported tenters, printing presses, spraying robots and edge-lacquering machines. That contact led to a constructive synergy, establishing a group that was dedicated to painting and coating.

In 2004 Elmag-Superfici joined the SCM Group, and thanks to the support of the SCM's large organisational structure and its widespread sales force the company can now exercise its full potential. Superfici is now recognised throughout the world for its technological solutions in the field of wood coating and it can provide a complete range of finishing systems: manual spray booths, complete lines of roller coaters and UV curing systems, sophisticated printing lines, automatic and robotic spraying lines with linear, vertical and UV dryers, hanging lines for painting window and door frames or three-dimensional items.

In addition to the traditional solutions for the wood industry, Superfici has acquired extensive experience working with other industries, adapting existing products or developing new ones to solve specific problems related to the coating of plastic, glass, paper, composites, automotive components and a whole range of special applications.