formula as 16

(512) 931-1962
Joinery machines - Horizontal mortiser - formula as 16

All the machinery in the formula range are certified and guaranteed by SCM

The heavy structure with cast-iron table and the smooth movements with lever and handwheel make  formula as 16  the horizontal mortiser  most appreciated by the demanding joiners.


Easy movement of the boring head due to the practical control by hand-wheel and levers.

Solidity and easy-to-use
The cast iron strong structure facilitates the moving on cylindrical sliding bars.

Technical data
Longitudinal stroke mm 200
Vertical stroke mm 160
Transversal stroke mm 125
Tool spindle diameter mm 1÷16
Spindle speed rpm 3000
Three-phase motor starting from kW/Hz 1,5 (1,8) / 50 (60)
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