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The advantages of an exclusive choice.
Buying a "L'invincibile si 5" machine means you get a customized solution, thanks to experience, technical research and Italian creativity.

Console eye-S main functions:
- connectivity among machines belonging to the same company network and 4.0 Industry preset
- sharing of work programs and tools database
- activity monitoring and reporting on the use of the machine
- connectivity with SCM Thundercut (optimizer/sequencer App)
- self-diagnosis, tele-service and link to troubleshooting


Speed and accuracy
Motorised programmable rip fence mounted on a recirculating ball screw mechanism with sliding on linear guides. (stroke 1600mm)

Roltafel: maximale zaagkwaliteit gegarandeerd in de tijd. De roltafel hoeft nooit te worden afgesteld vanwege zijn in boogprofiel geslepen geharde stalen precisie geleidingen, volgens SCM-patent. 

Telescopic swinging arm: fluidity of movement. The work piece support frame is the only one to be made of a large dimensioned extrusion and linear guide on recirculating ball bearings. It ensures: - maximum work piece with fluid movement - no play and no noise - dust protection - no need for maintenance.

eye-S console: the pleasure of controlling all machine functions from the control panel. The new control panel, with its attractive design, allows easy and intuitive machine programming, combining the 15” colour touch-screen display and the Maestro active user interface.

Technical data
L'invincibile si 5    
Max. saw blade diameter with mounted scorer mm / inches 450 / 18
Max. saw blade diameter mm / inches 550 / 22
Sawblade arbor size mm 30
Maximum saw blade projection from table to 90°/45° mm / inches 200/130 7.8/5.1
Cutting width on rip fence (Rip capacity) mm / inches 1500 / 59
Max. squaring stroke of sliding table saw mm / inches 3200 / 126
Three-phase motor Hp 15
Indipendent scoring motor Hp 1
Case History
Sforzi Teak
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Si 5 L'invincibile

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