Technical Support System

Customer phone support

When you call CMS North America for Phone Support, the person at the help desk will take the initial information from you regarding which machine you're calling about, whether your machine is down or operational, whether it's software related, and your return contact information, including email (once you're in our system, we don't need this each time), then we'll open up a call report so that we can track your call from beginning to end and its resolution.


Email confirmations and tracking

At the end of your call you, and anyone else who has asked to be a part of our Phone Support communication system, will be sent an email confirming that we have opened a phone support call and what we’re going to do. If more than one call is required to discuss your question, we’ll keep track of that discussion each time we talk with you, and when we’ve finished you’ll receive another email from our system confirming that we’ve closed out the report.


Your machine's documentation

Supporting your call at any time is made possible by the fact that your machine’s electrical, mechanical and programming information is online for our Support Techs, and if you need to reference them and don’t know where they’re at, we can even send you a link to that information during the call to review it with you.


TeamViewer support

If necessary, the support Tech may also setup a TeamViewer support meeting during the call, to check certain questions or even make adjustments to resolve the reason for your call. If so, you’ll want to make sure that your machine can be connected to the internet and that your controller is setup for such a connection. The Support Tech will walk you through it, if he needs to set up a meeting.

To download the TeamViewer software just click the following button.


Download TeamViewer full version


Technician intervention

If resolving your question isn’t possible due to a condition that requires a Technician’s intervention, we’ll discuss that as part of the call and create an on-sight visit request and provide you with a quick confirmation of when he’ll be there.


Regular business hours

CMS North America provides Customer technical phone support during regular business hours to all customers who have purchased their machine from CMS North America. Just give us a call and let the person at the call support desk know whether the reason for your call is machine or software related.


After hours

CMS North America provides after hours emergency Customer technical phone support, 24/7/365, for its customers who have opted for its “After Hours” support plan. With the “After Hours” support plan, just call the CMS main number and follow the menu directions. You’ll be asked to enter your machine serial# and your password. You’ll then be transferred to our automated system where you’ll leave a message regarding the nature of your machine emergency. Your message will be transferred to the “After Hours” on-duty technical support staff and they’ll give you a call at the phone number you leave in your message.

We always recommend that you leave a cell phone number in these situations, since there may be no one at your company’s main desk to receive our call, and even more importantly, with your cell phone we can ask you questions while you’re at your machine and walk through a diagnosis during the call.


Didn't purchase your machine from CMS North America?

If you didn’t purchase your machine from CMS North America, ask us how we can set your machine up as a part of our phone support system: either regular support hours or regular hours + after hours support.


Parts support

CMS North America provides parts support for any CMS machine. Just give a call and follow the main menu to connect with the Parts Department. As with the Phone Support group, the Parts Department has all your documentation online along with a Database for tracking each call and its progress, so each parts request can be tracked and you’ll receive communication of where we’re at in the process of supplying the parts you need.