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Consolle eye-CMS

Simple, linear and elegant design with “full-screen” effect, entered horizontal lines are rendered brighter with LED.



  • stability and operating range
  • industrial standards (vibration, temperature, humidity, voltage uctuations, interference immunity)

  • total control over product quality and spareparts management

  • product continuity guaranteed and under control (7 years)

  • greater software application stability: no need for continuing upgrade stomatch uncontrolled hardware developments

  • system expandability for future developments (CPU, RAM, Hard Disk)

  • low power consumption

  • dual integrated Ethernet ports (avoiding the use of a USB converter which might lead to system instability)

  • minimum wiring

  • integrated watchdog (hardware circuit for cyclical monitoring of the vital system parts to prevent the risk of damage)

  • integrated software control of screen settings (brightness and contrast)




Technical data
  • no cooling fan, total protection from dust

  • front protection to direct and rear water jets with +/- 30°vertical tilting (Front IP65, Rear IP53)

  • multi-Touch screen with 10 contemporary touches

  • full HD Monitor LCD/LED 21.5” resolution 1920x1080, breadth of vision: 178° horizontal and 160° vertical (Zero pixel defect)

  • embedded Fast Ethernet Lan double port (1 Gigabit)

  • industrial-type power supply with wide range of use from 15V to 36V

  • intel processor, with professional multi-language Windows 7 Embedded

  • in compliance with all European and North American product standards

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