CMS Advanced Materials Technology combines more than 50 years of experience in the production of numerical control machining centres with a highly technological product range and one focused on the future. It develops highly customised solutions designed by listening to the needs of its customers and through a close examination of their production processes.

The CMS Advanced Materials Technology machinery represents excellency in terms of productivity, performance and long-term reliability.

Discover the CMS solutions for Industrial

Patterns for Automotive Direct Sand Moulds Moulds Ceramic and Refratcory Parts for Liquid Steel Flow Control Parts for Machinery

Patterns for Automotive

  • Materials
    Polystyrene, Resins
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Direct Sand Moulds

  • Materials
    Resins, Sand
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  • Materials
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Ceramic and Refratcory Parts for Liquid Steel Flow Control

  • Materials
    Ceramic, Graphite
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Parts for Machinery

  • Materials
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 AMRC Boeing – UK  

" These machines are enabling the next generation of British composite manufacturing engineers to solve the machining challenges of future air and land vehicles."

Dr Kevin Kerrigan, Head of Composite Machining

DReam EDGE, Malaysia

"CMS machine with no doubt has enhanced our capability in automotive prototyping services in Malaysia to another level". Mr Sahrudin, Production Manager

SGL Composites GmbH – Austria

"CMS has been the perfect partner for us for more than 10 years now because of the cost/performance ratio of the milling machines, the balance between standard and flexibility, the short lead times, the support and service out of Germany as well as the positive and collaborative atmosphere between the acting people of both parties". Herwig Fischer, Managing Director


“...What we appreciate the most from CMS machines are accuracy and repeatability... I would really recommend any company to talk to you guys... ». Guillermo Echeverria, Founder

Hi Tech CAM - USA

“As a consultant I have dealt with numerous machines in the Department of Defense, marine and commercial industries and in the over 15 years of dealing with CMS I can not think of a time where CMS was not there any time there was a question or need for service/support and when a piece of equipment is part of a critical schedule you need that quality and support ». Happy Whitlock, President

Symmetrix Composite Tooling - USA

"What we find with our CMS partnership is great accuracy, large format geometries, fantastic repeatability and dependability which is important to mantain scheduling and keeping our production ambitions. We are always impressed by CMS installation time and CMS intallation crew, the level of sofistication and the competence are just fantastic: they really ensure that our CMS machines meet all our expectations".  John Barnitt, President