All the know-how of CMS Advanced Materials Technology to offer the best technologies for wind turbine machining. CMS offers high performing and complete solutions with a strong technological added value. CMS' experience in manufacturing machining centres guarantees maximum reliability and process safety, satisfying the demands of an industry looking for top quality performance and accuracy.

CMS Advanced Materials Technology guarantees the best solutions for machining wind turbines.

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Blades and Routes Moulds and Plugs for Blades

Blades and Routes

  • Glass fiber

Moulds and Plugs for Blades

  • Polystyrene, Resins, Epoxy paste, Polyurethane Resin

SGL Composites GmbH – Austria

CMS has been the perfect partner for us for more than 10 years now because of the cost/performance ratio of the milling machines, the balance between standard and flexibility, the short lead times, the support and service out of Germany as well as the positive and collaborative atmosphere between the acting people of both parties.

Herwig Fischer, Managing Director