The unique supplier of best-in-class machines for plastic processing since 1973

CMS Plastic Technology produces numerically-controlled machining centers, beam saws and thermoforming machines for the working of plastic materials, offering technologically advances solutions. The brand originates from the prized synergy between technical-industrial expertise in thermoforming of the historical company Villa, established in 1973, and CMS’ historical experience in milling. Thanks to constant investments in research and innovation, CMS Plastic Technology is recognized as a unique partner for entire processes: from thermoforming, to trimming, to the realization of models and moulds, ensuring maximum productivity. CMS Plastic Technology is in the forefront of manifold divisions, such as: automotive, aerospace, earth-moving machinery, caravans, buses, railway industry, signing and production of bathtubs.


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August 5, 2022

Experts understand one another: Ra roughness values of 1 µm are no longer an impossible mission on plastic materials!

In a sector such as H.P.P. = High Performance Plastic, complying with quality and tolerance parameters is the key element that you need to be sure you can rely on. Talking of finish quality, CMS has devised (for all its 3/5-axis CNC machining centers with passage in Z up to 500 mm) a configuration package that will allow you to achieve Ra (average roughness) surface values suitable for the most intense plastic material applications.

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July 18, 2022

Have you ever wondered how you produce an SPA? “Relax” and find out more in this video.

CMS has the technology and know-how for processing SPA whirlpool tubs. CMS’ thermoforming and CNC cutting solutions allow the tub to be created with all the required processes.

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May 25, 2022

Connected machines are the present, not the future!

Mistral Optical is a company producing, on average, 50,000 pairs of glasses a month. It is located in Quero Vas in the region of Belluno, global center for eyewear. Working on a pair of glasses is a complex operation that needs to find the perfect balance between expert manpower and automated work done by machines. There are about 30 intermediate stages. Knowing exactly at which stage a product can be found in the various processes, at any given time, is the turning point in the entire production chain; representing real added value in the service offered to one’s clients. Precisely with this in mind, the company decided to connect the numerous CMS machines together, from the latest additions to older versions.

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