The unique supplier of best-in-class machines for plastic processing since 1973

CMS Plastic Technology produces numerically-controlled machining centers, beam saws and thermoforming machines for the working of plastic materials, offering technologically advances solutions. The brand originates from the prized synergy between technical-industrial expertise in thermoforming of the historical company Villa, established in 1973, and CMS’ historical experience in milling. Thanks to constant investments in research and innovation, CMS Plastic Technology is recognized as a unique partner for entire processes: from thermoforming, to trimming, to the realization of models and moulds, ensuring maximum productivity. CMS Plastic Technology is in the forefront of manifold divisions, such as: automotive, aerospace, earth-moving machinery, caravans, buses, railway industry, signing and production of bathtubs.


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May 10, 2022

Don’t change your programs!

Our new CMS Babel translation system can directly import all your existing programs, created with CNCs and configurations that are different from the target one. With the software perfectly configurable around your needs, you will be the one deciding whether to keep the original program structure or change the output.

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March 31, 2022

Even more!

Precision and reliability play a key role in the 3 or 5-axis machining centers. Indeed, they are among the most important aspects that define quality and performance in a tool machine. The 3 and 5-axis CMS machining centers with passage in Z up to 500 mm now benefit from even greater standard precision.

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February 14, 2022

Protect your head and eyes like a true professional!

A large group of internationally renowned athletes have entrusted the protection of their eyes and head to the Italian company, MA.RO Group. This is a manufacturing company with over 40 years of experience which, with its SH+ brand of sports articles, has launched several product lines: cycling helmets, skiing helmets and masks, goggles, and a very unique range of vintage helmets.

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