The widest range of waterjet cutting systems and deburring-finishing machines for metal processing

CMS Metal Technology is a brand dedicated to the production of metalworking machines and technical articles offering a wide range of complete water-jet cutting systems, pressure intensifiers, and dry or wet deburring and satin finishing machines. Since the 90’s, thanks to the acquisition of Tecnocut and constant internal developments, CMS Metal Technology has been able to gain high international prestige, boasting more than 1,500 installations worldwide. CMS Metal Technology is the reliable partner of leading industries in various divisions such as automotive, aerospace, machining, furniture, and industrial architecture.


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March 18, 2022

3D cutting, the new frontier in waterjet technology

Now we can move forward and reach new levels: The combination between the 5-axis JD5 cutting head and the software DDX Easyjet offers an opportunity to expand the cutting capabilities of waterjet machines in the CMS range, by expanding application limits! Due to the intuitive and user friendly programming, by starting with a 3D model, it is now possible to control every processing aspect from the direction of the cutting head to actual head movements, in order to avoid collisions with the piece.

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February 16, 2022

What happens after the laser cut?

After the laser cut, even the smallest pieces have the so-called cutting, that is, an almost imperceptible burr on the under edge. It can become a genuine knife edge for those handling and maneuvering the piece, and in the case of noticeable burr, it is even unsightly. It needs to be removed! The most effective method? The DT15 disc unit found on the eurosystem models and metal system of the DMC range.

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January 14, 2022

Cutting soft materials

The versatility of the waterjet cutting technology allows you to process a vast range of materials in different industries, such as: construction, refrigeration, automotive, aerospace, railway, packaging, footwear, and sealing.

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