The widest range of waterjet cutting systems and deburring-finishing machines for metal processing

CMS Metal Technology is a brand dedicated to the production of metalworking machines and technical articles offering a wide range of complete water-jet cutting systems, pressure intensifiers, and dry or wet deburring and satin finishing machines. Since the 90’s, thanks to the acquisition of Tecnocut and constant internal developments, CMS Metal Technology has been able to gain high international prestige, boasting more than 1,500 installations worldwide. CMS Metal Technology is the reliable partner of leading industries in various divisions such as automotive, aerospace, machining, furniture, and industrial architecture.


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June 20, 2024

DDX EasyJet software: from prototyping to production in one click!

The versatility and potential of waterjet cutting technology are combined with the new DDX EasyJet, the complete CMS suite that brings together several applications in one software to program machining processes quickly and easily.

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May 7, 2024

CMS transports and preserves your ideas! All-round solutions for isothermal walls

Thermally insulating a truck body can make all the difference, especially when transporting goods that are sensitive to temperature changes or getting fresh, well-preserved food to our tables. Isothermal walls are the structural basis of the insulated body, and bring significant benefits because they:

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April 18, 2024

Cutting soft materials: the 5 questions you should ask

The versatility of waterjet cutting technology enables a wide range of materials to be processed in various sectors, such as: construction, thermal and acoustic insulation, automotive, aerospace, railway, packaging, footwear, sealing.

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