CMS' best technology for the nautical industry and racing boats, with their need for lightweight materials and technological reliability. CMS Advanced Materials Technology offers machines and complete solutions with a high technological content to meet the demands of this continually evolving industry which is increasingly requesting extremely reliable, flexible and precise machining.

The CMS Advanced Materials Technology machining centres are the perfect choice for quality performance and technology, guaranteeing the best machining in the industry.

Discover the CMS solutions for Marine

Moulds & Plugs Hulls and decks Sail Masts Components and Models for Racing Sailboats Components

Moulds & Plugs

  • Polystyrene, Resins, Epoxy paste

Hulls and decks

  • Glass fiber

Sail Masts

  • Aluminum, Composite materials

Components and Models for Racing Sailboats

  • Resins, Composite materials


  • Composite materials

Symmetrix Composite Tooling - USA

What we find with our CMS partnership is great accuracy, large format geometries, fantastic repeatability and dependability which is important to mantain scheduling and keeping our production ambitions. We are always impressed by CMS installation time and CMS intallation crew, the level of sofistication and the competence are just fantastic: they really ensure that our CMS machines meet all our expectations.  

John Barnitt, President