FOM Moxie Aluminium Double Head Compound Mitre Saw

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Aluminium Processing - Double Head Saw - FOM Moxie Aluminium Double Head Compound Mitre Saw

Improve accuracy and efficiency with the FOM INDUSTRIE Moxie automatic twin head saw. Electronic positioning, Moxie ’M’model, of the mobile head is via a simplistic controller, no more walking up and down to set your stop to its new position. The Moxie ‘V’ has a digital display with a manual movement, so you always get to the same spot from operator to operator. Not only does it produce a perfect mitre but the distance between the mitres is now perfect too.

Great for security screen, aluminium window and doors and sign manufacturers.

With 2 Large capacity 400mm diameter saw blades, 4000mm or 6000mm working area, 45 degree mitring and compound mitre facility, you will see a 15% saving in production time over manual saws using this system.

Make your assembly fast and accurate with FOM INDUSTRIE Moxie twin head saw.

  • No. 2 tungsten carbide Ø 400 saw blades
  • Cutting area guard kit
  • No. 2 horizontal vices
  • No. 1 Compact flash Memory card (only for M version)
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