FOM Blitz Alva 500 Aluminium Double Mitre Saw

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Aluminium Processing - Double Head Saw - FOM Blitz Alva 500 Aluminium Double Mitre Saw

FOM INDUSTRIE BLITZ ALVA 500 Aluminium Double Mitre Saw, 100% Italian made and engineered.

The Blitz ALVA 500 is for the serious fabricator, looking to improve their efficiency and accuracy.

With automatic positioning of the mobile head and automatic cutting angle rotation from 22.5° to 90° deg, increased productivity is realized.

The easy to use controller interface provides direct downloading of cutting list from your office that will save you both time and money.

Optional management software via FOM Industries own MASTERCUT interface allows optimization, editing and manual intervention on the shop floor.

Large capacity 500mm diameter blades, driven by direct drive high torque motors are the cutting force behind Blitz Alva 500. Its base construction is vibration free, thanks to the heavy duty single mono block frame. Available in a 5m or 6m configuration.

  • No. 2 Ø 500 mm tungsten carbide saw blades
  • Cutting area guard kit
  • Movable head roller table 2,5 m.
  • 1st retractable pneumatic intermediate profile support
  • Profile height measuring device
  • No. 3 horizontal vices
  • Spray mist blade lubrication system
  • Set up for the extraction of chips and fumes
  • First 12 months teleservice (only for E and C versions). PC is necessary on C version
  • USB port
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