jet air blade dryers

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Lakierowanie i wykańczanie powierzchni - Suszarki - jet air blade dryers

Linear dryer with semi-closed-circuit ventilation system, a centrifugal fan sends air into a hood that allows the series of air blades to be fed with maximum uniformity and minimum loss of load. The dryer is ideal for cycles rapid drying or drying of water-based paints and dyes. Infrared lamps can be integrated with air blades to accelerate the drying process.


EFFICIENCY: the particular construction of the hood allows an optimal heat exchange allowing the homogeneous drying on the whole panel.

FLEXIBILITY: possibility of installing infrared lamps at different wavelengths spaced out with the blades for a mixed irradiation and hot air action. Air speed adjustable by damper or inverter.

ENERGY SAVING: energy saving through air recirculating system.

Dane techniczne
dryer length

from 6000 to 15000 mm.

working width

1300 mm.

max. air temperature


air speed at the blades

approx. 10 m/sec.

IR lamps type


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