In Las Vegas SCM wins the "Visionary New Product Award"

31 lip 2017

Scm is currently celebrating a number of remarkable results at the AWFS Fair, the largest North American show for woodworking machine manufacturers on the West Coast that has just ended in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The company's “Lean Robot Cell 4.0” won the “Visionary New Product Award” in the Industry 4.0 category that was only added to the competition this year.

With its Lean Robot Cell 4.0, Scm thrilled Las Vegas with a completely automated wardrobe component production system, served by two anthropomorphic robots, which means that only one, not necessarily expert, operator is required to operate it. The Lean Robot Cell 4.0 consists of a Morbidelli M600 nesting workcentre, a Stefani edge bander and a drilling centre. The cell uses standard, high performance, easy-to-use machines, operates automatically when the job is launched and has been specifically designed to integrate with the customer's production management system. The result is a system that can perform all the various machining stages, from semi-machined panels to machined panels. At the end of the process, the individual finished panels are also grouped by robots on special carriages, ready to be assembled in the CPC clamp. The cell can produce up to 500 wardrobe panels every shift.

The “Visionary New Product Award” confirms yet again the technological excellence of Scm production and the capacity of its Engineering division to design and create truly innovative systems. The fair awarded nine different prizes for which 33 products were shortlisted as finalists from a total of 27 companies. In addition to the well-earned satisfaction of winning this major award, Scm also ended the fair in Las Vegas with other extremely positive results in terms of contacts, agreements and orders.  In the North American market the woodworking sector is currently enjoying a boom and the AWFS fair clearly indicated its widespread and steady growth.