Prati S.r.l.

Technologie dla rzemieślnika


The company was born from the passion of one of the parents of the current owners, who began to look at the woodworking industry, learning this art from local artisans and putting it at the service of agriculture, starting to produce wagon wheels, barrels, etc.

Evolving from this type of production, it was one of the first companies to make furniture in this area that is known to be the home of famous furniture makers.


The current composition of the company is a "reinterpretation" of the initial one, in fact in 1989 it has been a change from the management of parents to that of children and grandchildren, that are the current owners.

Today the owners are 5 cousins, that started this "new bet" very young, just 25 and 30 years old. Although in the 90s the size of the company was still that of a woodshop beneath the house, its future reserved a rapid expansion.

At that time the type of activity was divided among sawmill, timber trade and furniture production, although the predominant one was the sawmill which since 1990, for over 10 years, has been very profitable and with the gains produced, has allowed to buy the first SCM drilling machine, then the toupie and so on all the classic woodworking machines, up to completely automate all the woodworking functions.

Over the years the activity has developed and in 2002 a new shed was opened.

Over time, the work of the sawmill, which had given life to the company for the first years of its life, then ended its life cycle, to leave room for furniture production only.

The main product of Prati's carpentry is the table, we can easily define them as specialists of this product (as can also be seen from pictures here, which highlight all their expertise in the production of this object).

Currently they are subcontractors for important companies, who appreciate their high specialization and expertise in carpentry work. In fact, they are one of the largest companies in the area.

It was the great union of these 5 families, which make up the current ownership of Prati s.r.l. to allow the company to grow over the years and develop: a true family success.

Spokrewnione produkty

Elektronicznie-programowana piła tarczowa Class SI 400 EP - SCM Group

class si 400ep

Elektronicznie programowana pilarka formatowa z piłą o średnicy max 400mm. Ze względu na swoją wszechstronność i łatwość obsługi doskonale odnajduje się w zakładach stolarskich. Precyzja posuwu wózka tej elektronicznie programowanej pilarki...

Frezarka dolnowrzecionowa TF 130 Class - SCM Group

class tf 130

Frezarka dolnowrzecionowa class z pełnym stołem żeliwnym i stałym wrzecionem to solidna maszyna dedykowana do ciężkiej obróbki. Solidna stalowo-żeliwna konstrukcja pozwala uzyskać maksymalną stabilność podczas pracy oraz tłumienie...

Strugarka aż do 6 wrzecion Profiset - SCM Group

profiset 60

profiset 60 Solidna strugarka czterostronna wysokiej jakości, wyposażona w podzespoły zapewniające najlepszą wydajność. Automatyczna strugarka czterostronna, posiadająca do 6 wrzecion, dostępna w czterech kompozycjach z możliwością...

Grubościówka S 630 Class - S 520 Class - SCM Group

class s 630 - class s 520

The best solution for every application. Easy and precise, practical design, a wider range of applications. Discover the "Xylent" cutterhead, available for this machine.

Wyrówniarka do drewna F 520 Class - F 410 Class - SCM Group

class f 520 - class f 410

Wyrówniarka serii class to mocna i solidna strugarka. Całkowity brak wibracji jest zapewniony przez masywne, duże stoły z żebrowanego żeliwa z prowadzeniem na korbowodach. Specjalnie zaprojektowany kaptur odciągowy umieszczony poniżej wału...