Automatyczne czopiarki dwustronne

Czopiarka dwustronna są produktami stałego rozwoju, stanowią sumę najlepszych umiejętności i know-how nabytych przez Celaschi która dołączyła do grupy SCM. Ta marka, o bogatej tradycji, jest dziś znana jako nazwa modelu.

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The range of celaschi double-end tenoners is characterised by a high-performance structure and technological devices that make it possible to achieve high production rates, great variability in terms of machine configurability and machining dimensions. It is possible to perform numerous operations such as tenoning, squaring, shaping, through/blind grooves, sizing, sanding, drilling, chamfering, etc. on a wide variety of materials: solid wood, wood and non-wood panels (PVC, fibro-cement, rock/glass wool, insulation, gypsum, etc.). Centesimal precision and solidity that remains unchanged over time make these double-end tenoners the ideal solution in both stand-alone and in-line integrated versions.

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