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Systems for timber construction - CNC Machining Centres for timber construction - area

area is a 5-axis CNC machining centre with a mobile gantry structure and modular composition for processing big timber construction elements, such as X-lam/CLT panels for walls, straight and curved structural beams. It allows processing of elements up to 4,5 m wide and 50 m long.


Walls and floors in CLT, curved structural beams, insulating panels and wall panels for caravans, including thick elements with operations performed by a 5-axis routing head.

EASY ACCESS TO THE WORKTABLE for effortless loading of the elements to be processed, thanks to the use of sliding tracks with a low vertical profile and reduced footprint.

MAESTRO BEAM&WALL is the SCM software that makes the programming and use of the machine simple and intuitive. Interpreting projects with BTL format, standard in the sector, it allows to create the program in a few steps. It also has a function for 2D nesting to be carried out automatically.

NO RISK OF COLLISIONS and precise calculation of the production time/costs, thanks to the 3D simulation station.

Technical data
Work piece width max. 4,5 metres
Work piece length max. 50 metres
Work piece thickness max. 360 mm
Electrospindle power 30 kW
Tool store 12 positions
Saw blade diameter up to 1020 mm


Case History
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