SCM Group: the ideal organisation where you can nurture your talent

Believing in people is SCM Group's core philosophy. We're not talking about an abstract value, but one
that represents the grounds on which our Group has achieved its results across the globe.

From the past to the future via the present day organised in a way that ensures people make the most
of their potential. We see this as the only way to grow individually and - as a result - expand the Group.

Never having stopped investing in the future, each day we address the seniors of tomorrow, giving
them the experience and know-how to work together and enhance those talents that are ready to blossom.



A deep-rooted group
with an international feel.

Scm Group was established 70 years ago from the strategic vision of SCM, founded in 1952 with
the mission of offering the widest range of solutions for the woodworking sector. Over time,
the Group has acquired other leading brands, in Italy and abroad, in the fields of composite
materials, plastic, glass, metal and marble.

Today, Scm Group is a system of industrial excellences structured in three large production
centres in Italy, with a direct and capillary presence around the world and more than 4,000 employees.


Opportunities for development
and a career within the company


Employee initiatives


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