Routech made its firsts steps back in 1979, when Livio Tiezzi built one of the first CNC routing machines in Italy. Its collaboration with SCM Group (begun in 1992) has provided the company with the necessary resources to keep its distinct high level of innovation and quality for which it was, and is, famous.

In 1997 it introduced Protos, considered a milestone in the history of numerically controlled woodworking machining centres. In 1999 it launched the Robot electro-spindle, an orthogonal-axes dual-rotary head prototype, for woodworking operations. In 2002 it introduced the first dual-rotary head with 50° tilted axes called Prisma – a revolutionary idea conceived and developed in Sinalunga, where in 2004 its new 4,000 sq m plant was inaugurated. In 2006 Routech entered the "wood & construction" industry with Oikos RT 4000. And in fact, for Routech's 5- and 6-axis CNC machining centres this very industry became a primary market.

Specifically, Routech products have gained an outstanding reputation in recent years in the following fields: machining centres for processing beams and panels for the housing industry; throughfeed machining centres for manufacturing doors and machining centres with high workpiece passage for producing curved wood, marine furniture, food & beverage furniture, models and moulds for the automotive and aeronautic industries.