Thicknessing planers

The SCM woodworking machinery encompasses all the technologies for woodworking, craft work and industry.

Thicknessing planers are used to progressively reduce the thickness of a wooden strip, to obtain pieces with identical dimensions ready for assembly.
However the wood must be previously prepared: two of the four sides must firstly be planed with a surface planer so that when the board is positioned it rests perfectly on the sliding table; removing the upper part, the final heights will be the same on each point of the piece.
The reduction is performed gradually based on the power of the wood thicknessing planer. It can be adjusted to remove a few tenths of material up to various millimetres. Obviously if there are many pieces, they must all be brought to the same measurement, before adjusting the planer to a lower measurement.
One important aspect when using the wood thicknessing planer is to insert the wood in the direction of the grain to prevent the fibres from fraying. 

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