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CNC Machining Centres - CNC Nesting Machining Centres for drilling and routing - pratika 310mfv / 310mfvr

The SCM Pratika heavy duty CNC router and machining centre.

With two modules available - 310mfv and 310mfvr - the SCM Pratika is a numerically controlled CNC router with 3 axes (X, Y and Z) for the processing and machining of particle board, MDF and solid panels. With a useful bed size for 2400mm x 1200mm sheets, the machine only requires one operator.

The SCM Pratika 310mfvr is designed with an automated work piece out-feed pusher and unloading device, able to push work pieces of up to 150kg.


The SCM Pratika base and mobile gantry beams are designed and built to guarantee top quality finishing even during the most demanding stages of machining. Made of electro-welded stabilised steel using thick plate metal with stiffening ribs at the points subject to the greatest stresses, machining conditions are simulated during the design stage using a 3D CAD solid modelling system to highlight any areas of the structure subject to deformation.

The SCM Pratika numeric control unit with integrated PC with XILOG MAESTRO CAD/CAM software interface makes programming simple and fast even for the less experienced operator, allowing use of the full potential of Windows compatible personal computers, including remote-assistance using the Tele-solve service.

The SCM Pratika electro-spindle has the latest HSK F 63 tool holder technology. The HSK F 63 tool holders are more stable, up to 70% less flex than an ISO 30 tool holder and have much higher rigidity and accuracy.

The SCM Pratika comes standard with protection bumpers around the perimeter of the gantry to prevent any injury due to accidental contact between operator and moving parts with special sensors that activate on contact. Once activated, the machine cannot run until the alarm is reset on the control. The SCM Pratika router and drilling units are protected along whole perimeter of head unit with transparent polycarbonate cover, and special 18 layers plastic protection strips.

Technical data
Axes Stroke  
X axis stroke 3,120mm
Y axis stroke 1,685mm
Z axis stroke 250mm
Table Size  
X axis table size 2,486mm
Y axis table size 1,255mm
Z axis panel clearance 150mm
Vectorial X and Y axis speed 50 m/p/m
Z axis speed 15 m/p/m
Electro Spindle Routing Unit  
Quick release tool holder type HSK F63
Rotation speed 1,500 - 24,000 rpm
Power (S1) 8 kW (11 Hp)
Power (S6) 9.5 kW (13 Hp)
Maximum power range 12,000 - 18,000 rpm
TR11 Automatic Tool Change Magazine  
Capacity of tool change 11
Centre distance between stations 130mm
Maximum weight per tool 4.5 kgs
Maximum weight tool magazine 25 kgs
Drilling Unit  
Main motor power for spindles 2.2 kW (3 Hp)
Rotation of spindle with invertor Speed 4,000 - 8,000 r/p/m
Number of vertical drilling spindles 7 (4 right & 3 left)
Centre distance of spindles 32mm
Drill attachment type M10
Vertical pneumatic stroke of drilling unit 250mm
Vertical pneumatic stroke of each spindle 60mm


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