FOM Mirage 600 Automated Cutting Line

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The MIRAGE 600 is a single head electro-pneumatic sawing machine with 600mm up-feed blade and automatic bar feeder. We then integrate this with automatic loading and unloading systems and we have the FOM Mirage 600 Automated Cutting Line. This high-precision cutting line sets high standards with regards to strength and reliability ensuring stable and accurate cutting.

  • Up-feed sawing machine with controlled axis bar feeder
  • Ø400/500/600mm interchangeable blades with fixed 90˚ cutting
  • Ø355 blade with fixed 90° cutting of steel
  • Hydraulic blade feed
  • Controlled feed carriage positioning, max. stroke 475mm
  • Cutting Accuracy +/- 0.1mm
  • Pneumatic bar feeder mounted on loading roller table
  • Customized unloading systems to suit various applications
  • Multi-cluster profile pattern
  • Multi tasking profile cutting
  • Sharp, deep cutting edge
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