FOM Automatic Machining and Cutting Line

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Incorporating both automatic loading and unloading systems, the FOM Automatic Machining and Cutting Line is capable of all machining, routings and sawing operations required by aluminium profiles.

Used extensively in the aluminium window and door making industry, these cutting lines allow for increases in both production quantities and accuracy.

The automatic bar in feed system references the profile to the gripper. The gripper can be CNC controlled (or manual) allowing for a variety of different profiles and shapes.

Sawing operations include automatic head tilts, allowing mitred cuts to be performed. The machining centres are available in a number of different head configurations to suit your applications.

Out feed is onto a bar transfer system, although the video above shows the upgraded handling system allowing the machined and sized components to be put into an automatic aluminium storage system.

  • Step in full automatic pusher
  • Rotating gripper
  • Profile positioning devices with automatic set-up
  • Multi-spindle system
  • Three-blade saw with automatic clamps
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