FOM Automatic Cutting Line

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Automated, simple and accurate. The FOM Automatic Cutting Line is centrally controlled by FOM’s unique software, making their cutting line quick and simple to use.

The auto load system feeds the aluminium extrusions into the gripper system.

CNC controlled the gripper can move in up to 4 axis to suit many profiles shapes.

The sensor in the gripper positions the extrusion at the zero point, then allows feeding into the sawing system.

The heart and soul of the cutting line is the saw. Based on FOM’s popular Spring series of forward cutting sawing machines, the cutting line can process 90 degree, or +/- 45degrees cuts (mitre cuts)

The outfeed system offloads the sized components, returning them to the operator.


Used extensively in the aluminium window and door making industry, these cutting lines allow for increases in both production quantities and accuracy.

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