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Aluminium Processing - CNC machining centres - Axel 5

The AXEL 5 5-axes machining centre has been designed to perform boring and milling work on aluminium and steel profiles. The mechanical specifications of this modern machining centre and of its control system provide economical use in the production of single pieces. For special production needs, the ''dual station machining'' or ''multipieces working and dual station machining'' functions can be activated (as optionals on request) with the possibility of choosing between numerous vice/stop configurations.

Available in 7,5 - 10 - 15 - 18 meters versions

Standard configuration

  • Electrospindle FOM 16 kW (S1) 18.000 rpm (HSK E63) with liquid cooling system
  • Tool magazine for 20 tools. The tool magazine can hold angular heads and milling cutters up to a diameter of 500 mm (HSK E63)
  • Pneumatic vices with NC indipendent positioning:

        - AXEL 5 - 075: No. 6 vices

        - AXEL 5 - 100: No. 6 vices

        - AXEL 5 - 150: No. 12 vices

        - AXEL 5 - 180: No. 12 vices

  • Pendular machining on two areas with pneumatic RH stops (included for version 150, optional for version 075 and 100 - please verify active configurations in attachment)
  • Left side translating and pneumatic stop with NC indipendent positioning
  • Head guard protecting the working area. Microdrop lubrication with pure oil
  • Centralized lubrication for all in motion parts
  • Electric cabinet cooling plant
  • Photoelectric cell barrier.
  • Rear and side fences and swinging gate
  • Machine handling kit o Electronic device: POWER-M
  • Mobile control console with PC, 17'' touch screen monitor, mouse and keyboard
  • FSTCAM software 5 axes version (3+2)
  • Software licence for tapping cycle o 2D and 3D simulation of parts, tools and machining operations
  • FSTCAM training course (FOM premises)

Main Components and Views:

  • Narrow and well reinforced bench to ensure ergonomic material loading.
  • Various tool cooling systems
  • Tool magazine for 20 tools including sawblades near to the electro-spindle.
  • High performances FOM electro-spindle designed for heavy duty metal working.
  • Full interpolation on 5-axis and wide range angle ranges.
  • Full integrated toll cooling devices and electric connectors.
  • Independent automatic clamp positioning
  • Movable central stop for multiple and flexible working areas.
  • Clamp movements during working cycles and possibility of cut + divide operations.
  • Individual and multiple clamping controls.
  • Easy and ergonomic clamping adjustments.
  • Rotating support rolls to avoid scratches on materials.
  • Flexible composition of clamping area on various levels and depths
  • Measuring and automatic correction of extrusion tolerances by probe system.


In Operation:

  • ALU Window Profiles
  • Curtain wall notching and drilling operations
  • State-of-the-art 3D FOM software
  • Full-open possibilities of integration to other office software.
  • Mobile reference stops to increase working fields at profile ends.
  • ALU industrial profiles.
  • Steel profiles, any thickness
  • High speed movements
  • Rigid drilling-tapping by same tool
  • Flow-drill and heavy duty milling operations
  • High resistance scrap conveyor belts – FOM production.
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