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Systems for timber construction - CNC do obróbki konstrukcji wielkogabarytowych - routech rx

routech rx is a numerical control machining centre with a mobile gantry structure, equipped with automatic loading/unloading system and dedicated to the processing of materials that are generally used in timber-frame construction.


Machining centre developed to process materials of different nature and dimensions, also breathable and abrasive, thanks to specific devices used during all stages of production. OSB, plasterboard, resins, wood fibre and rock wool are just some examples of compatible materials.

It is configured as a high productivity machine, because it allows to manage with a fully automatic work cycle the loading, processing and unloading of panels exported in nesting mode.

Possibility to import a project in BTL format, a standard in the timber construction industry, and to use Alphacam software for the creation of the machine executive programs.

Dane techniczne
Workpiece dimensions (manual loading and unloading)
Length max. 6120 mm
Width max. 2520 mm
Thickness max. 250 mm
Workpiece dimensions (automatic loading and unloading)
Length max. 6000 mm
Width max. 2500 mm
Thickness max. 250 mm
X-axis speed max. 90 m/min
Y-axis speed max. 90 m/min
Z-axis speed max. 30 m/min
Machining head units
5-axis electrospindle power 11-15 kW
Rotation speed max. 18000-24000 rpm
Tool stores
Available tools Tot. No. 36
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