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Maszyny stolarskie - Frezarka dolnowrzecionowa - formula t 60f

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High performance and very high reliability with precise and flexible operations and flexibility. Rich equipment for the formula spindle moulders, for example the dedicated versions for moulding and tenoning.


Ideal for long work pieces: “LL version”

The “LL” version is available with two side table extensions and an extractable front support table, for increased safety and more precise machining of long and heavy profiles.

Precision and stability in machining: “T and TL versions”
These versions meet the special requirements of door and window machining. The table extension for large work pieces (“TL” version) provides a larger support surface. For precision tenoning, the machine has a sliding table which runs easily on axial bearings on a hardened, ground bar.

Dane techniczne
formula   t 60f
Spindle height mm 170
Max. tool diameter when profiling mm 250
Max. tool diameter when tenoning mm 350
Spindle rotating speed rpm 3000/4500/6000/7000/10000
Maximum tool diameter retractable under the table at 90° mm 320x85
Motor power with direct start kW 5
Motor power with manual star-delta start (automatic for USA/Canada versions) kW 7 (option)
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