Diary from Hanover. An exciting start for Scm at Ligna 2017

22 maj 2017

Scm's participation at Ligna 2017 in Hanover started in the best possible way with the main event dedicated to woodworking technology, which opened its doors to the public on Monday 22 May and will close on Friday 26. Right from the first day, you could see that this edition of Ligna has what it takes to be memorable. A day characterised by a great attendance and the desire to get to know, to understand and to take on board all of the technological innovations on display. The woodworking solutions sector is going through a phase of consolidated development, and there was a perception of a strong positive energy in Scm's enormous exhibition space. 

Customers from all over the world have visited Scm's brightly-lit stand and attended the scheduled events in the Scm Arena, where every day experts, designers and operators discuss issues at the core of manufacturing technological woodworking solutions. This edition of Ligna 2017 opened with a focus on innovation, flexible solutions and the new features offered by individual machines. Scm has already concluded many deals and there has been a great welcome for the new developments presented, as well as a huge interest in the flexible integrated solutions represented excellently at Ligna by the "Lean Cell 4.0".