SCM Service Training
The maximum advantage of a shared know how

Increasing the efficiency of your machines and improving the training of your staff.
Our Technical Training structure provides technical training courses and continuous qualifications for your machine operators and maintenance technicians with the possibility of tailor-made courses to meet all your requirements.



Our programs are divided in the following modules:

Machining centres

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Drilling machines

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Panel saws

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Sanding machines

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Joinery Machines

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Now Maestro connect has an entirely dedicated course

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Why you should invest in our courses


  • Gain full control of your machine to increase productivity and reduce/prevent machine down times.
  • Contribute to the fast professional growth of your employees through the highly specialised training courses used for SCM's employees.
  • Become independent: thanks to the targeted lessons provided by our technicians you will never be unprepared if a machine presents problems and you can easily identify the best solution

Unique specifications of our training courses

  • Our training structure, the SCM GROUP CAMPUS, is fitted with the best technological learning equipment (multimedia classrooms, specific latest generation machines, E-Campus platform).
  • The courses are organised in small groups to ensure the maximum learning effectiveness.
  • The training courses are available in three different ways: classroom, e-learning and webinar.

Training Center equipped with all SCM technologies 
for technical training


2022 Service Training Program



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