High speed and best-in-class accuracy 5-axis CNC machines for composites, aluminum and metal

CMS Advanced Materials Technology is a leader in the field of numerically controlled machining centers for the working of advanced materials: composites, carbon fibre, aluminum, light alloys and metal. Substantial investiments in research and development have allowed the brand to always be on the forefront of cutting-edge design, with machines that ensure best-in-class performance in terms of accuracy, speed of execution, and reliability; meeting the needs of customers operating in the most demanding divisions. Since the early 2000’s, CMS Advanced Materials Technology has established itself as a technology partner in areas of excellence such as aerospace, aviation, automotive, race boating, Formula 1, and the most advanced railway industry.
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August 1, 2022

The challenge of electric cars also involves the battery case materials and processes

The battery cases for the electric vehicles (battery cases, also known as shells, casings or battery packs) have a very simple purpose: to store and protect the battery modules. They come in different shapes and sizes and can easily be adapted to the battery modules’ different features. While numerous casings are currently produced in steel (or a combination of aluminum and steel), in the long term, aluminum seems to take the upper hand, especially thanks to its lightness and favorable technical features. It is, therefore, easy to understand how so much attention is focused on the battery case market and is always technologically more advanced both in terms of material and processes.

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July 25, 2022

Additive Talk (Ep.8) - Design for Additive Manufacturing

PUNTOZERO 3D is a team of experts capable of helping companies involved in Additive Manufacturing to make the most of the opportunities available, setting out the paradigms of engineering planning for different additive technologies. It is an organization capable of creating the best products, helping companies innovate and resolving problems with a planning approach outside of traditional frameworks.

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July 6, 2022

Desire for travel and holidays in a camper van or caravan (and to know how they are built)

With summer comes the desire for holidays, travelling, adventure and freedom. The camper van and caravan are the ideal combination of these 4 desires. Since the 1980s, CMS avant caravan has been the best option available on the market for the production of side walls, flooring and roofs on camper vans and caravans. Motorhomes and panels for refrigerated trucks can be added to these.

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