It was in 1959 when Giancarlo Morbidelli – a name that would gain a legendary status in the woodworking and motorcycling industries – invested his own savings to open a metalworking shop in Pesaro. From that day on, his brand has become synonymous with original inventions and solutions, which have quickly become standard for all woodworking machines. Moreover, the Morbidelli motorbikes won four world championships, beating the giant motorcycle-makers.

The list of Morbidelli innovations is impressive. In 1965, the first automated drilling machine, the N120A, was released and a year later an automated drilling system was introduced. Morbidelli was among the first to apply the innovative numerical control in the field of drilling machines and later in machining centres. In 1987, Morbidelli joined the SCM Group in an acquisition that echoed around the international market due to the importance of the two companies.

The decision to join SCM was dictated by Giancarlo Morbidelli's wish to find the necessary human and financial resources to ensure the company's growth. Choosing SCM came naturally, as it had been operating in international markets for decades. Following the acquisition, the number of in-house innovations has multiplied: in 1989 personal computers became an integral part of the machines; in 1991 Morbidelli developed the first real-time tool change for the Author machining centres, which became synonymous with innovation and sold as state-of-the-art CNC machining centres designed for the furniture industry.

Morbidelli's innovative tradition is still alive today, as demonstrated by the R-Evolution series of machining centres, but also by the latest-generation flexible solutions for both batch-one and large-batch drilling.