OMAL Velox 1300

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The OMAL Velox 1300 is a Horizontal Bore, Glue and Dowel and numerically controlled machines to drill, glue and insert dowels on horizontal pieces. The OMAL system of bore and dowel yields a cycle time of approximately ONE second for each bore, glue and dowel insertion when holes are on 32mm intervals.


The PLC Touch Screen Control is user friendly, versatile software for writing and storing programs which can be written parametrically and are generated using graphical icons

The dowel insertion revolver verifies a dowel is present via fiber optic sensor while a second dowel is inserted. The OMAL “SURE SHOT” revolver system guarantees a dowel is inserted every time

Four clamps are standard on the machine. The clamps will hold panels horizontally for edge processing.

OMAL’s width Laser Sensor will automatically measure the part and populate the program list for the part width to determine dowel spacing based on program call.

Ficha Técnica

Panel length

20 mm (3/4”) – 1300 mm

Panel width

40 mm  (1.57”) – ∞

Panel thickness

10 mm (3/8”) – 25.4 mm (1”)

Installed power

10 Kw

Compressed air


Dust extraction hood

60 mm (2 3/8”)

Dust extraction

250 cfm

Width “X” CNC

1300 mm (51”)

Depth “Y” manual

40 mm (1.57”)

Vertical “Z” manual

40 mm (1.57”)



Net weight

~1000 kg (2200 lbs)

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