Thundercut App

Optimizer/Sequencer App: SCM Thundercut

SCM Thundercut, available for iOS and Android OS, allows to optimize the panel surface and guides the operator through the cutting sequence.

The advantages are greater cut speed execution, less material waste and mistake odds minimized.


You can manage your circular saws fleet, the material warehouse and many project you are working on.

The 3D sequencer, thanks to its simple and clear design, suggest the ideal settings of the machine for every single cut to be made.

You will find the QR code to activate the app in every new SCM machine*

If you already bought an SCM machine (starting from 01/07/2020) please contact us and we will provide you the activation code.

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*Thundercut app is available for circular saws, circular saws with movable blade unit, saw-shaper combination machines and universal combination machines.

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