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Joinery machines - Radial saws - formula sr 650 - sr 750 - sr 900

All the machinery in the formula range are certified and guaranteed by SCM

The radial saws of the “formula” line with an heavy cast-iron structure are available with 650, 750 and 900 mm cross-cut capacity.
Adaptability, versatility , cutting precision, easy maintenance make this product line a necessary machine for the daily use of each workshop


Maximum cutting precision
The cast iron structure provides the arm the maximum solidity and rigidity for the maximum cutting precision. The interchangeable sliding ways allows the operator a simple and rapid replacing, in case of wear, without direct intervention on the arm.

Precision and smoothness
The 8 sliding bearings on the guides grant the best carriage smoothness and an optimal support for a perfect cutting result.

Longlasting functionality
The mechanisms of which the machine is equipped, as the protection cover on the arm column support, protect the mechanical parts from dust, guaranteeing the best operation over time.

Technical data
    sr 900 sr 750 sr 650
Blade diameter mm 400 350 (400 opz.) 350 (400 opz.)
Blade tilting   -45° ÷ +45° -45° ÷ +45° -45° ÷ +45°
Max. cutting depth with 90°/45° blade mm 120/83 120/83* 120/83*
Max. cross-cut capacity mm 900 x 20 750 x 20 640 x 20
Three-phase motor starting from   4 (4) kW-50 (60) Hz 3 (3) kW-50 (60) Hz 3 (3) kW-50 (60) Hz
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