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Perfect joint line and versatility of use with the new SGP glue pot (Smart Glue Pot) and the pre-melting unit PU BOX L. Extraordinary level of finishing quality with the AirFusion+  technology that allows edgebanding without glue. Simply the perfect edge bander for all companies who require continuous production of a large number of panels even though they are all different from one to another.


Perfect joint line with the "SGP" glue pot thanks to the perfect dosing and the special spreading roller. The use of EVA and Polyurethane glue is made possible by the anti-adherent plasma treatment and a fast and simple glue changeover. 

Extraordinary level of finishing quality with the AirFusion+ technology that allows edgebanding without glue, thus ensuring that the joint between the edge and the panel is invisible

Great versatility of use with the two available pre-melting units: the PU BOX L for Polyurethane glue and the pre-melting unit for EVA glue. It is therefore always possible to use the two glue types with a top gluing quality. 

Edges with 3 different radii thanks to the use of full automatic multi-edge operating units that  allow  a fast and error-free set-up for different machining.

Technical data
Panel thickness          mm 10 – 60 (80 opt.)  
Edge thickness mm 0.4 – 15 (22 opt.)     
Feed speed               m/min 10 – 22 (25)
Compressed air bar 6


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Solution MD - industrial automatic edge bander

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