Solution MD – The Ever Evolving Stefani Edgebander

1 May 2017

The Stefani Edgebander Solution MD now features new devices and options, developed with a focus on perfect joint line and higher versatility of use, including the new SGP glue pot (Smart Glue Pot) and the PU Box L pre-melting unit. Finishing quality is assured by the new Air Fusion technology, allowing you to edgeband without glue. Five new compostions are now available in the Stefani range.

Perfect Joint Line with the SGP Glue Pot. The use of EVA and Polyurethane glue is made possible by the anti-adherent plasma treatment and a fast and simple glue changeover.

Extraordinary Level of Finishing Quality with the Air Fusion technology that allows edgebanding without glue, ensuring that the joint between the edge and the panel is invisible. 

Versatility of Use with the two available pre-melting units: the PU Box L for polyurehane glue and the pre-melting unit for EVA glue.

Stefani MD Edgebander Features

  • High productivity with working speed up to 25m/min
  • Edgebanding with solid wood up to 22mm width thanks to the wide magazine for the wooden strips (approx, 200mm) and the free entry to the gluing area
  • Possibility to work edges with 3 different radii with the use of fully automatic 'multiedge' operating units
  • Device for automatic edge changeover, to avoid stopping productions when a roll ends
  • Spindle moulder unit, to carry out grooving on the sides of panels.

For more information on the Stefani MD or the full range of edgebanders, contact SCM Group Australia.