Gold Star for SCM Group

3 Dec 2014

SCM Accord 5 axis machine wins Gold Star award at AWISA 2014

The new SCM range of Accord 5 axis machines popularity continues with the presentation of the Supplier magazines ‘Gold star’ awards at the Australian 2014 AWISA exhibition.

The awards celebrate products that show excellence in innovation and value to the Australian woodworking sector.

Ashley Cooper, the Elite Publishing National Media Manager was on hand at Gabbett Machinery to present the award.

Here is some of what the Supplier magazine had to say about the SCM accord:

‘Ten years ago you needed a masters degree to program a five axis router.  Your company also needed a significant overdraft to cover the cost of the machine.

Over the years four axis machines have been introduced to the industry and we have relied on expensive single- purpose aggregates to cut mortieses, tenons and produce saw-cuts on angles other than zero and 90 degrees.

The SCM five axis machine eliminates aggregates, simplifies programming and costs less than 40% of the same machine four of five years ago.  The machine is also fitted with a quick release vacuum system and remote setup via a portable console.

The SCM accord 30 five axis machine wins a Gold Star for its contribution in advancing lower cost, 5 axis machining’

Matt Gabbett, Melbourne Sales manager commented ‘What we can do on this machine is amazing, its really opened up some great possibilities for the window and door industries.  It simplifies your manufacturing and makes production easy and accurate’

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