Operator course for single blade panel saws

Course code WMO-S


The operator course for single blade panel saws is designed for woodworking production operators. The course focuses on the basic aspects of panel saws, the tools, materials and final applications, with an in-depth look at using and programming SCM single blade panel saws.
The operator will be able to cut various type of panels, check the conformity of the pieces, perform routine maintenance operations and manage the entire work area autonomously.



  • Aim of panel sizing in the productions and in secondary woodworking processes
  • Overview of SCM Gabbiani panel saws and the most typical devices
  • Cutting technologies (materials/tools)
  • Starting, stopping and checking the operation of the devices in the machine
  • Work area, dangerous areas and checking the safety devices
  • Using the HMI Maestro Active Cut interface
  • Software structure and tablet style interface
  • Machining mode (manual, semiautomatic, automatic)
  • Programs editor (materials magazine, tools magazine)
  • Maestro Pattern
  • Production report
  • Scheduled maintenance, basic diagnostics
  • Using the panel saw with practical machining tests
  • Checking the compliance of the production (orthogonality, parallelism, precision)
  • Correction of ordinary production faults


Machine user

Machine models

Gabbiani P, Gabbiani S, Gabbiani G

Teaching method

Classroom (c/o campus - c/o customer) Online (webinar)


Italian, english


24 hours (standard, variable on request)

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