Maintenance operator course for CNC drilling solutions

Course code WMM-F


The maintenance operator course for drilling solutions is designed for machine maintenance operators and line maintenance managers.
The course focuses on the basic aspects of CNC drilling centres, such as drilling, routing, dowelling, tools, materials and final applications, with an in-depth look at using a SCM drilling machining centres. The second part will examine in-depth all the routine and extraordinary maintenance activities for this type of machinery, with practical tests.

A machine maintenance operator will be able to use the SCM CNC drilling centre using various machining modes, perform routing and extraordinary maintenance operations, as well undertaking preventive actions to maintain the performance of the machinery constant and managing the entire work area autonomously.
A line supervisor will be able to manage the planning of the individual maintenance activities as the key process to guarantee the maximum efficiency of the machinery and of the entire production line.



  • Aim of drilling in the productions and in secondary woodworking processes

  • Overview of CNC drilling centres and the most typical devices

  • Starting, stopping and checking the operation of the devices in the machine

  • Work area, dangerous areas and checking the safety devices

  • Using the HMI interface

  • Software structure and tablet style interface

  • Machining mode (manual, automatic, mdi)

  • Tools magazine (drilling bits, cutters, blade 0-90)

    Maestro CNC (diagnostics programs)

  • Production reports

  • Scheduled maintenance, basic diagnostics

  • Extraordinary maintenance, advanced diagnostics

  • Knowledge of the specific machine devices (Main spindle, Blade unit, Drilling units, Dowelling unit)

  • Backup and restore software in the machine

  • Using the drilling machining centre with practical machining tests


Machine maintenance operator, Maintenance manager, Line supervisor

Machine models

Morbidelli CX, UX

Teaching method

Classroom (c/o campus - c/o customer) Online (webinar)


Italian, english


16 hours (standard, variable on request)

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