SCM multiplies the number of sergiani presses to cover all market segments

Sergiani hot presses become even more competitive. The new range of sergiani gs manual presses is available from one to five daylights with 20 to 200 ton vertical thrust. sergiani gs and sergiani las electronic controlled press due to their high precision and application versatility are the best solutions for the production of laminated and veneered panels, hollow-core doors and multi-layered panels.

New manual and automatic sergiani gs hot presses with 1 to 5 daylights

• High versatility
• Low investment
• High quality of pressed product
• High structural quality
• High configuration flexibility
(20 to 200 ton of vertical thrust)

Multi-daylight automatic sergiani las press (patented)

• High productivity (up to 1,000 panels per shift)
• High quality
• Low cost of labour
• Low waste
• Small footprint
• Loading/unloading one daylight while the others are under constant pressure