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Maquinas para carpinteria - Máquinas combinadas universales - minimax c 30g
Combined universal machine
Combinada universal con toda la calidad “Made in Italy” Minimax al precio más accesible, ideal para hobbistas exigentes y talleres artesanales.

Cutting precision
Tilting saw unit with a 250 mm blade and a maximum blade projection from table at 90° of 80 mm. The saw unit can be raised and tilted using convenient hand-wheels. The anodized aluminum sliding table, with a 1200 mm stroke, slides next to the blade, thus ensuring better cutting precision.

Maximum flexibility in spindle moulder tool use, with the unit with 2 speed (5000/7500 rpm). The machines have a spindle moulder fence with micrometric adjustment, a feature which is particularly useful on profiling jobs. Tenoning is easy too, thanks to the aluminum sliding table, the right speed setting and the special protection hood (option).

Practical and ergonomic
To keep the machine compact and make machining easier, the surfacing table opens towards the inside of the machine. Thanks to an efficient feed system, the thicknessing unit can process wood up to 200 mm thick.

CE safety
Genius machines have a rich equipment of CE safety avaliable as standard, such as the spindle protection to carry ouit machining on curved and shaped profiles.

Ficha Técnica
c 30g    
Cutterhead working width mm / inches 300 / 12
Jointer bed length mm / inches 1200 / 47
Max. sawblade diameter mm / inches 250 / 10
Sawblade arbor size mm / inches 16 / ⅝
Max. sawblade projection from table at 90°/45° mm / inches 75/60 2.9/2.3
Cutting width on parallel fence (Rip capacity) mm / inches 540 / 21
Max. useful spindle length mm / inches 75 / 3
Max. tool diameter when profiling mm / inches 160 / 6.25
Spindle moulder speed rpm 4000/6500
(3x) Three-phase motors Hp 2.5
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Bianca & Sons
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