minimax lab 300p

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minimax lab 300p
Combined universal machine

Combinada universal versátil y compacta con las soluciones tecnológicas más evolucionadas en cuanto a precisión, fiabilidad y seguridad.


Best cutting
New saw unit with a blade that has a maximum diameter of 315 mm with the scoring blade installed. The new scoring unit can be supplied on request and can easily be adjusted from outside the machine.

Perfectly stable support
Easier, more precise cutting is possible thanks to perfectly stable support guaranteed, even for large work pieces, by the 270 mm wide sliding table.

Higher efficiency
During the changeover from surfacing to thicknessing the surfacing tables open towards the inside of the machine with a 90° angle, facilitating thicknessing. Work pieces with a maximum height of 220 mm can be machined to the thicknesser. The new design of the dust-conveyor, protecting the cutter block, is specifically intended to further increase system safety and efficiency.

Superior performance
The spindle moulder unit has a spindle with a useful working length of 100 mm. A tool with a maximum diameter of 180 mm can be retracted under the worktable. For machine maximum safety and increased flexibility, a spindle moulder protective hood for shaping is supplied as standard.

Ficha Técnica
lab 300p    
Working width (thicknessing planer) mm 300
Surfacing tables total length mm 1300
Max. sawblade diameter with scoring blade installed mm 315
Max. sawblade projection from table at 90°/45° mm 100/78
Cutting widh on parallel fence mm 800
Max. useful spindle length mm 100
Max. tool diameter when profiling mm 210
Spindle moulder speed (a 50 Hz) mm 3500/7000/10.000
Three-phase motors starting from kW / Hz 4 (4,8) / 50 (60)
Case Studies
Andrea Schiavolin
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Albero pialla "Xylent"

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