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Edge banders, squaring edge banders - Single-sided automatic edge banders - stefani x
Industrial edge bander designed to offer the highest quality of processing on any type of panel and material and to fully meet the needs of a digital, connected and integrated factory.
Highly configurable and suitable for processing continuously and reliably over several shifts with the highest quality standards thanks also to the “Electronic Touch” technology.
It can be integrated into flexible edgebanding cells and lines.

Always the best quality thanks to the "Glue Switch" system that allows a "just in time" glue change to optimise the colour of the glue to the one of the panel.

Excellent finishing quality on all types of materials, even the most delicate and latest generation ones, thanks to the “Electronic Touch” technology.

Processing of panels with different protective film thicknesses thanks to the high-tech "Multileaf" glue scraper and the automatic set-up of the working units from HMI.
Industrial productivity over several daily shifts with speed up to 30 m/min and reduced panel gap of 350 mm, always at the highest quality, thanks to a new extremely stiff machine structure and operating units of tested reliability.
Technical data
Panel thickness                                                     
mm 8 – 60 (opz. 80) 
Edge thickness  mm 0.3 – 12 (opz. 22)     
Feed speed                      
m/min 25 – 30
Compressed air  bar 6
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