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stefani psf is the industrial edgebander dedicated to post-forming or direct postforming process for medium and large enterprises. Suitable for the production of components for furniture, worktops and doors with different profiles, all installed on the same machine. Rapid setup time for the quick change of profiles, with guaranteed quality standards being state of the art.


stefani psf can have a customized equipment for the machining of a complete range of profiles. A single machine for all types of processing.

Thanks also to the possibility of Direct Postforming processing, the most modern materials or complex geometries such as the very small radii, are always easily managed for optimum visual and aesthetic results to the highest standard.

stefani psf can be easily and seamlessly integrated into automated production lines always with high levels of productivity and quality standards.

Technical data
Coating material thickness  mm From  0.4 to 2 
Panel thickness  mm 15 - 60 
Max coating material development from the working line mm 110
Max working speed m/min 25
Processable materials mm Plastic laminate/wood
Types of panel   Chipwood/MDF
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