On the Leading Edge Banding


The event dedicated to the new range of flexible edgebanding systems is about to arrive. A three-day focus on the latest edgebanding solutions for “batch 1” and Industry 4.0: stefani cell H, Stefani cell E.

State-of-the-art technologies for the furniture industry that combine the highest levels of productivity and quality with endless possibilities.

An increasingly more sophisticated productivity thanks to the integration of the edge banding machine in cells and plants fitted with rollers, panel return devices, automatic loading and unloading systems, assisted by robots and fitted with IoT sensors to control the machine functions in an instant. At the same time, unique machining accuracy and quality on any kind of panel, even the most delicate ones and more complex materials, thanks to a new "Round 2 Servo rounding unit" and "RT-X grinding unit" and the latest optimised devices for a perfect line of glue.

These are the main new entries for SCM edgebanding taking centre stage at the up and coming Open House "On the leading edge banding", due to be held from 7 to 9 November 2019 at the SCM Edgebanding Tech Lab in Thiene, key point of reference for industry companies, to test the best edgebanding solutions directly on site, with the aid of trained technicians.

STEFANI CELL H: high productivity, maximum customisation and excellent quality

stefani cell H is the new edgebanding cell and square-edging cell fitted with an automatic panel feeder system, designed to guarantee both production volumes at industrial level as well as a maximum diversification of the production batch.

stefani cell H provides fully efficient machining of components for furniture items for every part of the home (kitchens, living rooms, sleeping areas, bathrooms, wardrobes and studies) with considerable advantages.

  • Instant production and financially advantageous both for batches with single panels as well as for average standard stacks, without the need to stop production for a change of format, thickness, ornamentation and gluing quality that occur on a regular basis during a machining shift.
  • No errors and a guarantee the panels will always be fed in the right direction, thanks to the SIDE FINDER technology, which, via a display in the operator's area, shows how to position the panel so that it can be correctly machined.
  • Instant availability, even on mobile devices, of the machining information relating to each single panel, wherever it is in the cycle, thanks to the continuous tracking provided by the supervision software.
  • Optimisation of the panel flows and movements which are managed and synchronised by the data sent to the company network: this allows you to choose the best machining quality, gluing quality and tool change flexibility within the limited space and with a single operator, thereby considerably optimising production costs.

STEFANI CELL E: the "batch 1" production experience at its simplest

stefani cell E is the new synthesis in "entry level" edgebanding cells that combine the advantages of a customised production and large volumes with a compact overall design and, above all, with an accessible investment even for SMEs.

  • Numerical control high technology in line with future market scenarios. Type, colour, edge thickness, position and mortise depth, handling of the protective film and panel dimensions: the highly versatile stefani cell E allows you to continually feed in and change all these parameters as part of the production flow without it being interrupted.
  • Simple, integrated and versatile: the multiple configurations available (reloop with robot" or "reloop with motorised belts") mean all specific needs in terms of production and machining are met. Feeder, robot or additional movements can be combined to offer maximum flexibility.
  • Whether it be in self-learning mode, with Bar Code/QR code or with supervisor, stefani cell E is standard programmed for any level of logical and physical integration one wishes to set.
  • New automation to speed up business: the new "pickback" bridge system for the automatic return of the panels guarantees simple, "just in time" production management. This way, the operator can focus solely on feeding the panels back into the edgebander, as simply and ergonomically as possible.

STEFANI SHAPE TECHNOLOGY: the best in softforming for any type of profile

As part of SCM's edgebanding, considerable focus is also being placed on market demands in matters of softforming and "JShape", areas in which SCM has led the way for some time now as a genuine specialist in providing simple solutions for use but ones that produce top quality results.

The new "J-Side" kit, in particular, has been designed to solve the problem of complex profiles so that the straight edging lines up perfectly with the shaped edging without gaps or projections. There is no longer any need to carry out this machining manually or with an additional procedure thanks to the new SCM solution. Everything is much simpler, faster and more efficient thanks to the new J-Side device mounted directly on a standard edgebander, which also provides for this finish to be performed completely automatically. An edgebander equipped like this means any kind of edge banding problem can be resolved while work continues, without any interruption, exactly as though it were working on a normal straight edge. This is a significant step forward in being able to extend the creative potentials of softforming to a growing number of companies, a solution which is effective with any kind of edge and with different thicknesses that can be applied and worked without interruption.

MAESTRO ACTIVE WATCH: from the office to the factory, the entire process under control

The Maestro Active Watch supervision and control software will also play a key role during the event at Thiene. It is perfectly integrated with the flexible edging lines, capable of fully handling all the machines in line.

  • Real time control of the process: the status of the various machines can be set and read, their production tracked and records stored.
  • Plant layout display: optimised in line with the plant under supervision, the SCM software offers a synoptic display of the entire line, a visual inspection in real time of the process at each of the machining phases and a continuous monitoring of the advancement of the pieces along the line.
  • Zero errors in the introduction of panels into the cell: thanks to SIDE FINDER technology, the correct insertion method of the panel is shown so that it can be properly machined.
  • Preliminary simulation of the time-scales for cell productivity checks.
  • Maximum efficiency: the machining of each individual panel can be seen in real time, irrespective of where it is in the plant. A preliminary check can also be run on the machining feasibility of each part
  • Report generator for excellent production: reports can be produced per operator, shift, program, etc., and they can be forwarded to the company management
  • Maximum productivity for each program that is running thanks to a line management "per zone".

MAESTRO CONNECT: digital IoT services for the Industry 4.0

It will be possible to run just in time testing on the potentials of the Maestro Connect IoT system at the Edgebanding Tech Lab with collection and analysis of data from the operating SCM edgebanders and draw up processing reports for an ever more immediate feedback on the machine's functioning.


Technological partners will also be there for the occasion to provide demonstrations and detailed explanations, in particular, manufacturers of edges, tools, glues and anti-adhesive liquids. Key topics that will be discussed include zero-emission PU glues, the latest trends in finishings (edgebanding products), high performance tools and SCM productivity systems with Threespine™ Valinge technology.



If you are interested in the event and want more information, contact us.